Monday, October 10, 2005

Where Did Eddie Go?/Chicken Soup/Fear of Death

(P1) Political

A. Where Did Eddie Go?

Have you been wondering where I've been since the Sept. 27th posting? Well, I found that my inspiration for political comment had dried up in the blinding sunblaze of national events. I was completely overwhelmed by my competitors at the White House. Irony, humor, indignation were rendered impotent by the sheer weight of absurdity and surprise coming from Washington. Not only did Bush nominate a rank amateur to the Supreme Court, but, once again (as he did with Vladimir Putin), he looked into her heart and liked what he saw. His power in this regard is virtually supernatural. This "fact" is amplified by the revelation that he had told a group of Palestinian ministers that God had directed his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and that God was now directing him to establish a Palestinian state. At about the same time, we learned that House Majority leader Tom DeLay was indicted TWICE including for money laundering. Additionally Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was under investigation for stock manipulation. And let us not forget that Bush's Puppet Master Karl Rove is expected to be indicted for destroying CIA operative Valerie Plame's cover (an offense which the first President Bush once equated with treason.) Then, on top of everything, the very Base of Bush crumbled when no lesser pillars than Coulter, Krauthammer, Will, and Limbaugh turned on him.

So, dear readers, you can appreciate and forgive my brief absence. I had been rendered speechless. Then it also began to feel like any additional comment from me would be like piling on.

B. Have You Heard This One?

Monday October 10, 2005 "...Judiciary Committee...said Sunday that they were considering calling James Dobson to testify...Dobson the influential founder of the conservative evangelical group Focus on the Family, has said he is supporting (Harriet) Miers' nomination in part because of something he has been told but cannot divulge.

"He has not disclosed the source of the information, but he has acknowledged speaking with Karl Rove, the president's top political adviser, about the president's pick before it was announced.

"On his radio program last Tuesday, Dobson said, 'When you know some of the things that I know -- that I probably shouldn't know -- you will understand why I have said, with fear and trepidation, that I believe Harriet Miers will be a good justice.' " ( NYT)

(P2) Poetical

Farm County (by Mary Oliver)

I have sharpened my knives, I have
Put on the heavy apron.

Maybe you think life is chicken soup, served
In blue willow-pattern bowls.

I have put on my boots and opened
The kitchen door and stepped out

Into the sunshine. I have crossed the lawn,
I have entered

The hen house.

(P3) Philosophical

"Our fear of death is directly equatable to our fear of life."

"If we examine our fear of death we see in it a fear of the moment to follow, over which we have no control. In it is a fear of impermanence itself, of the next unknown changing moment of life."

- from "Who Dies" by Stephen and Ondra Levine

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Patti A. said...

Great commentary on Bush and his cronies. All true. Love, Patti

Duncan Lee said...

As for the political, I suppose Rove can tell the Grand Jury, "The Devil made me do it."

The poem is priceless.

The philosophical is right on.

Mike M. said...

Hi Eddie Coletti Full of...I am glad you are back butI think you had justifiable absence and you were
righteously out-of-sight! So keep piling it on.Although I agree with your assessment. Our political
life has gotten to the point of being completely beyond the absurd. Reality now is much stranger than
fiction. Beneath it all, I believe, when you consider the world as a whole and all the natural diasters and
poverty and repression, you are left with one thing: a
great big phat sorrow! No wonder they tripled the
opium production in Afghanistan after we pushed the
Taliban to the countryside! The world really needs to
medicate itself. The world is involved in one big
medicated goo, if you dig my reference...take care
amidst the chaos, m

Bill Cavellini said...


I have read with interest almost all of your e-mails. Seeing you
upside down on the last one prompted me to respond with the hope that
you have since removed yourself from the ceiling.

Things can't be that bad...can they?



Larry Carlin said...

Ed: I've been among the missing too, especially since I read the George Will column questioning the appointment of Harriet Miers. I've been in a state of shock! Even more that he has suddenly (and quite rightfully) questioned Dubya's intelligence, fitness to lead the country, etc. Yeah, George Will! It's lovely to see a brilliant mind like yours has finally come to its senses. I am going to try and drag the link to the article here. If it doesn't work, I'll send it to your email, and you can figure it out.

P.S. Now, that you're back among us, will we see you right side up?