Wednesday, October 19, 2005

American Hero #2/Oprah Candidacy Update/Nuthatch

(P1) Philosophical

Who Is This Bright, Funny, Insightful, Gutsy New American Hero?
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(P2) Political

Oprah-For-President Update

Most of you will recall that, on September 13th, I named Oprah Winfrey as my presidential choice for the November 2008 election.
The reason I know that you remember is that the number of responses to that posting were voluminous and virtually unanimous in support. I also gave you a website for the most coordinated current campaign to get Oprah to run (convincing her to run will be the biggest challenge. Her winning chances are obvious). Please scroll down to the Sept. 13 piece.

Anyway, you've asked for updates, and here is an interesting one including background from Willy Chaplin founder of the Dream Magic website.

I've also sent for the tee shirts for my wife and me. Here's a link to The Oprah For President 2008 Website

Here's what Willy wrote to me about his background and the Oprah campaign

...My formal training is as a psychologist and mathematician, but I have spent the last 30 years as a computer consultant. I turned 69 on October 2nd...
It was nice to see that you are close to being a contemporary. Probably younger, since baldness gives a false impression, but at least you are not of the cohort of our fifteen children who are charter members of the "me first" generation. It's hard to blame them, since we spent so much seems futilely in retrospect...trying to change the world for the better when they were growing up, often neglecting thtm in the process. Our grandchildren (29 of them) are a different story. Perhaps us old dudes and dudettes can inspire them to change the world for the better. We sure failed! But, it is never too late to try, and electing Oprah could be a good start.
By the way, we are libertarians (small "l"...the Libertarian Party just can't tell the difference between politics and religion). We abandoned the Demidupes in 1964 when LBJ conned us into believing that they would save us from the madness in Vietnam, while Bad Barry would lead us all to Perdition and nuclear annihilation.
Another friend of ours and we started an Oprah for President movement in 1999. The response was so overwhelming that we were on CNN within a week. Patrick Crowe, our new partner, did the same in 2003 and received much the same response. We did it on the Net (prematurely), he on conventional media, mostly TV (also obviously prematurely). He too got royal treatment from the starved-for-entertainment media, partly as a joke, partly as a serious matter because of the incredible popularity of this woman.
But, alas, Oprah declined both times. So Patrick and we partnered up for the next contest. If at first...
Love and peace,
Willy Chaplin

P.S. With your permission, I will add a link to you on our Oprah site as a "friend of Oprah."

Hey, I (Ed) also just realized that an Oprah and Obama ticket would constitute "O2" or Oxygen, in other words a big breath of fresh air! - Eddie C

Oprah for President 2008 is a serious consideration. The following is not. Its funny though!

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(P3) Poetical


I've yet to see
a nuthatch
hatch a nut
a nuthatch hatching
nuts would
surely also be
a nut.

(Ed Coletti in Light Year '87, (Bits Press, Robert Wallace, Editor)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed!

Randi Rhodes is a new American Hero? I've listened to her before. She's the liberal version of Michael Savage in a dress. Listen to him on 910am in the afternoon. There's no difference.

My two cents,


Edward Coletti said...

Interesting perspective, Paul. Try her a few more times. The first few times I listened, I was put off, but now I think she's great. The S-word guy is evil. But I understand where you might be coming from. Our gal is compassionate, concerned, does her homework, backs everything up, and is extremely witty. Thanks for your comment. - Ed

BJ Favaro said...

Randi Rhodes is a little too "out there" in her accusations (bordering on paranoia sometimes) but she has guts and does make you think. I like how she stuck it to that girdle wearing, toffee-nosed Janet Parshall on C-SPAN:

Kathleen Q. said...

Go Oprah!

Don R. said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You might want to include articles on the right of issues rather than only the far left. I think the extremes on both sides, while loud, don't attract much of a readership or following.