Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yeats, Ansley, You, and Me

(P1) Philosophical/Artistic

Frank Ansley, a well-know Saint Helena, CA artist and illustrator is also an avid bocce ball player. Many of his whimsical paintings center around this theme. Several months ago, I referred to him as "The Botticelli of Bocce." Apparently that observation worked on him, and Frank painted "The Birth of Bocce" (shown on the left).

There's something wonderful about inspiring a work of art. There's something even more wondrous in creating that work from nothing. My wife Joyce has frequently asked me where my poetry come from. I'm hard-pressed to answer.

Oh, by the way, Ansley read my first blog posting and commented on Bill Edelen's "Fridge Note" which reads, "Faith is to humans as sand is to ostriches." Frank paraphrased an anonymous author's "God is an invisible friend for grownups."

(P2) Poetical

On a somewhat heavier note, lately Yeat's' great poem The Second Coming is very much with me. Lines like "The falcon cannot hear the falconer" and "the centre cannot hold" keep looping through my mind as though they were news broadcasts. We have so many "rough beasts" out there right now.

Here's a link to the poem. Enjoy The Second Coming.

(P3) Political

I'm not feeling all that political this Sunday. Frank Ansley set a nice loose tone with his painting. Yeats will suffice as today's Political as well as Poetical voice.

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fat girl said...

Yo Eddie:

I can't email you because your mailbox is full.

As for commenting, when you first log in, go to settings and then click on comments. Change the setting on who can comment to anybody.

Any other questions, call me so I can walk you through it.

Edward Coletti said...

Thanks Sarah. I've solved the mail problem for my personal email. I'm not at all sure how to let people write to me through the blog comments without their having to join.

Anonymous said...

I'll pretend I'm my wife Joyce here to see if this comment goes through. "Good work Eddie."

Anonymous said...

and I'll pretend to be lady:


Anonymous said...
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Voltron said...

Interesting post on hunger...Think I'll have lunch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie
regarding P2, your friend's comment: Let's all pray that there is a God and a Heaven and Hell and that God has a sense of right, wrong and justice. Let us pray God send, our corrupted christian visionary president and greenback worshiping cronies to Hell, Inc.

Edward Coletti said...

Dear Anonymous,

I received your message at the end of the earliest posting on here. Did you mean it to go with this one or a more recent one. You can also comment at the end of each of the posts. Please also sign your name, or I must guess who you I will begin guessing. First, who calls me "Eddie"? Actually lots of people. But that also excludes others. Hmmmmmmm. Nope, could be lots of folks. If you read this, let me know who you are.

Eddie C.