Saturday, July 23, 2005

Welcome to P3

Welcome to P3 and my first posting. My intention is to offer creative work and opinions from others as well as from myself and always in the P3 format - one each Poetical, philosophical, and Political. Please feel free to contribute to this forum of ideas and creation.

Here we go:

(1) Poetical

At Sixty

I am not

who I thought

I was.

But who

I was is

who I am.

And now

I want to

finally meet

converge and be


who I am.

(2) Philosophical

Faith is to the human what sand is to the ostrich.

(3) Political

Recently, I heard columnist Tom Oliphant say something profound and condensed and which summarizes much of what seems to be most affecting popular opinion. I paraphrase here:

...right wing propaganda is based upon the headline value of assertion rather than the lasting value of evidence.

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Edward Coletti said...

I thought I might attempt to comment on my own posting in order to see how well the "comment" feature works. So here goes.

Essentially, I invite readers of my blog to comment by hitting the tiny comment button next to the "pencil" at the bottom of the posting.

Thanks for your interest.

BULLSEYE said...
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Voltron said...

Nice job ed!
I really like the formating (and content)

Praveen Bhat said...

Ed, that poem is concise and to the point, much like "I am that I am".