Monday, September 08, 2008

Palin's Nutbag Church Video/Bumper Snicker/James Tracy

(P1) Philosophical

Sarah Palin's Nutbag Church

If you've entertained any doubt about Sarah Palin's nutty and dangerous political/religious views, just watch her numerous times in these scenes from Wasilla Assembly of God Church. Also bear in mind that her pastor in Juneau, where she also attends, is said to be a member of "Joel's Army" which wants Armageddon to happen now! If McCain wins, Sarah is only a heartbeat away from the nuclear button!

(P2) Political

Cool Bumper Sticker

You can order it at Cafe Press

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(P3) Poetical

A Million Revolutions

by James Tracy

walking in circles, I picket myself
do not patronize! self unfair to self and others

boycotting myself like a field strawberry
i will not buy my own bullshit anymore

leading a sit-down strike in my own room
until better living conditions are achieved

washing my molotov mouth out with soap
for kinder, gentler dialogue

stepping outside and smiling
the earth moves a million revolutions per minute


Oregon Belle said...

Nut bag is kind. The sad misguided faith based, who hide behind superstition, and arrogance. Who have a made up a fantasy on which to externalizes the extremes of whipped up emotions. We know this kind of practice operates in the name of religion, but history, and our US constitution operates to keep religion and church separate. McCane has deposited a token on the national political stage.

Kendra Mon said...

Thanks for the respite of your art, poetry, thought-provoking pieces - - and your support of the Dept. of Peace campaign.

What I've come to especially love about our citizens campaign for a U. S. Dept. of Peace and Nonviolence is that we are actually already creating it from the ground up with our inner work to rid ourselves of judgment and separation, study of Nonviolent Communication, increased understanding of the underlying causes of violence, spreading awareness of existing programs
that are effective in preventing and eliminating violence in our communities, the commencement of planning for the Peace Academy, and the citizen efforts inspired in some 30 other countries to create
their own Departments or Ministries of Peace. Indeed, Nepal and the Solomon Islands already have one.

Kendra Mon, 6th CA Congressional District contact for the Dept. of Peace Campaign

Anonymous said...

Oregon Belle,

Your Freudian slip is showing...

- B. Pragmatic

Chiara said...

Hello, friends of my brother Ed. I urge everyone who cares about the fate of the nation and the world to get to your local Obama/Biden phone bank this weekend and start calling the swing states. Especially Ohio. We have a very good chance of winning Ohio over the next 3 days if we bring out the early vote, especially the college kids. As many of us as possible are needed to accomplish this.

We can also go to a swing state and walk from door-to-door, as I prefer to do. But there are weekends when this is impossible. Sometimes phonebanking is just as helpful, and it is certainly easier. Even a two-hour shift on the phones is a boon to the campaign of two exceptionally intelligent and rational candidates who will help steer us away from a major world cataclysm and gradually restore our nation's fiscal health.

Yes, we can.