Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bon Voyage, Richard Denner

(P1) Poetical

Farewell and All the Best to Richard Denner

Here's Richard in just a few of his incarnations. I and all of his friends will miss him as he embarks on a multi-year retreat in Colorado. Richard Denner has demystified poetry and life. That he is quintessentially human once again was evident as he presided over my mother's memorial in March of this year. How deeply he will be missed as he moves further onward divested of everything and every one from his past for now. All the very best, Richard.

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Magnum Drew said...

Hey Ed,

Being the Union Steward of Downtown Santa Rosa, I have to say that I appreciate the plugs for the progress the Union has made in balancing the playing field... and protecting worker's rights to a fair shake and decent livelihood.

It helps to promote the ideals in action with a positive light as presented in your recent post!

Stay cool man...