Monday, April 09, 2007

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(P1) Philosophical

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Wealth & Christianity

The following is from Nona Williams blog "Fish Wars"

A Time / SRBI Public Affairs poll reports that:

61% of Christians in the U.S. believe that God wants them to be financially prosperous.

31% also believe that if you give money to God, he will bless you with more money

21% believe material wealth is a sign of God's blessing

So, if you're poor, it's because God doesn't like you.

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(P2) Poetical

SoCoCo Poetry Readings

If you're near Santa Rosa on Thursday May 3d, please join me, Ed Coletti, as I begin hosting a new series of poetry readings I've conceived at

Sonoma Coffee Company
521 4 St
Santa Rosa, CA 95401-6323
Thursday May 3

Readers thus far scheduled include Richard Denner, Kathleen Winter, David Beckman, John Coletti, and Ed Coletti. John is from NYC and the famed Poetry Project at St. Marks in the Village. He also reads regularly in Boston and Philadelphia. I'm proud to call him my son. Should you be interested in reading that night, we have 2 or 3 more open slots. Otherwise, also contact me about future readings.

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(P2) Political

A. On the Ascendancy Of Money

Romney Reaps $20 Million to Top G.O.P. Rivals
Published: April 3, 2007

Never in my 63 years have I seen a campaign dominated neither by issues or popularity polling but rather by the race for dollars. Perhaps politics has finally devolved to the point at which a sort of perverse honesty has taken over, and the principals and the press are actually telling it the way it is. At least when it comes to money.

B.On Stereotypes

Recently, this was passed to me by a friend. Take a look and then see my reply in blue beneath:




Senor McDave


Because there are aspects (*) to this problem that are beyond the understanding of people like Senor McDave, I won't use the term "racist." But tell Senor McDave , whoever the hell he is, that I suspect all 19 million work a good deal harder than he does. But what do I know? Just as I don't know any of the "19 million," I don't know Senor McDave either. So I'm not going to do an argumentum ad hominum based upon stereotypes of either Mexicans or idiots. I'd appreciate your passing this on.

* Undocumented workers, in fact, are here. Why are they here? Almost overwhelmingly to work. They come here to support their families. So, (a), economic conditions ain't so good in Mexico, and (b) Corporations and other employers here are willing to hire them "illegally." But does our government enforce its own laws against hiring undocumented workers? Only for show as in the Swift meat packing plant raid in Chicago which was done mostly for the show of appearing to do something --like trotting out poor handcuffed unfortunates who were trying to earn a living. For the most part, however, this administration is NOT about stopping the practice but rather helping corporations maximize their bottom lines by paying the lowest wages possible to whomever will work for them --hence the undocumented worker.

If you, dear reader, truly want immigration reform, demand that your representatives seek to prosecute a few corporate executives from firms which hire illegally. Send a message that, when workers are paid adequately above the table, such problems won't exist anywhere near the way they now do.


Eddie C.

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Duncan said...

I guess the regular readers are rich and/or Christians and are embarrassed to comment!

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan, you ever heard the phrase "Never swing at a pitch in the dirt?"

Duncan said...

Yeah, good one!

Anonymous said...

If Mexico can ship 12 million people out of the country, why can't the US? And what difference does it make why people come here illegally. There is a better solution than ammnesty.

doxonot said...

The xonym of 'republican' and 'democrat' is 'recrap'. This is what you do when you vote for a major party. The demos and the repubs are relics of the nineteenth century. They need to go the way of the whigs and the know-nothings.

Bob said...

It say''comment here' but dare anyone say anything beyond the party line without an immediate attack on the writer or those that might agree with him? Given that 50% of the people disagree with amnesty, what solution would King O' Solomon suggest. Singapore is a fantastic example of how immigration should be done. Lee Quon Yeu (?) wrote a brilliant book titled "From Third Works to First". Also the European Union membership rules and implimentation are worthy of examination, as well. Wide open borders for any country is a prelude their demise.