Saturday, February 04, 2006

GayleVsPolitics/S.Rosa Pizza/Poetry Series

(P1) Political

Politics? Relevant? and My Friend Gayle

Recently my friend Gayle Swift told me she does not read the Political section of "Ed Coletti's P3." She may not even read newspapers much or at all anymore. Gayle finds politics to be irrelevant to the real issues of life and therefore is much more attracted to the Poetical and Philosophical features of this blog. She looks toward grassroots movements like that of Gandhi for any hope of lasting changes in the world. Gayle especially would like to see such a movement operate economically through its buying power.

I told Gayle that, at this stage, I include a political section for two reasons: 1. I want to inform. So much pap is fed to the public through TV and other mainstream media. However, my readers are mostly of a different sort, and I realize that I well may be "preaching to the choir." 2. I feel the need to be active in opposing injustice, corruption, and plain old sheer idiocy.

More and more, however, I am growing cynical. I never wanted this to happen. Because I realize 1. that politicians must raise tens of thousands of dollars a day simply to be reelected; 2. as I watch the president make earthshaking world and domestic decisions without consulting congress or the people; 3. as we face the growing prospect of increased domestic spying and consequent losses of privacy and freedom; 4. as I note the escalating power of the oil barons internationally; and 5. as I shudder at the constancy of warfare and brutality among men,

I simply do not have an answer and can understand my friend not finding such an answer in politics.

However, I have pledged to make this blog a 3-pronged effort, namely Philosophical, Poetical, and Political. It may well be, however, that the flavor of the Political section will begin to evolve in new directions.

Readers of this blog, I invite you to provide your own observations regarding the relevance or irrelevance of politics in your life and experience. I also continue to extend a special invitation to my friend Gayle to submit a lengthy piece on this subject for future publication.

Please Post Your Comments Here about any of the above
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(P2) Philosophical

"Santa Rosa" Pizza ?!

The following barely credible blurb appeared in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on Sunday January 29, 2006:
"If you go to Cafe Viva on Manhattan's Upper West Side, you can get a 'Santa Rosa' pizza made with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted garlic, olives, tofu marinated in miso and soy cheese."

Yikes! Time for a barf break!

(P3) Poetical

Word Temple Poetry Series

For those of you living in Marin, Sonoma, or Napa Counties and those planning visits, check out local poet Katherine Hastings' ambitious project of bringing well-known and significant poets to town for monthly readings at Copperfield's Bookstore in Santa Rosa's Montgomery Village. Here is a bit on the first event:

Time: Friday February 10th at 7PM
Location: MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, 2316 Montgomery Dr., Santa Rosa (707) 578-8938
Title of Event: Jane Hirshfield and David St. John (WordTemple Poetry series)

Copperfield’s is pleased to launch a Friday evening series of poetry readings hosted by area poet Katherine Hastings. It begins auspiciously with Jane Hirshfield’s launch of her sixth poetry collection. After is an extended investigation into incarnation, transience, loss and connection. Jane Hirshfield’s work (October Palace, Given Sugar, Given Salt, Nine Gates, Lives of the Heart) has been heralded as radiant, passionate, and ethical, and has appeared in Best American Poetry, Pushcart Prize Anthology, The New Yorker, and many other publications. She will be joined this evening by David St. John, whose work includes The Face, Prism, In the Pines, and Where the Angels Come Toward Us.


Sara Byrnes said...

I too have a tendency toward the cynical, and avoid most forms of "mainstream media", however at this time it is critical that we not keep our heads buried in the sand about the direction the leadership, or rather lack of same has taken this country and in fact the affect globaly.

It seems compartmentalizing our reality as political, economical, or social etc. can dull the mind and senses from the truth that due to the impact our lifestyle has on the environment, the loss of jobs which have sustained the middle class in America, the under funding of education in the country, the ridiculous "war on drugs" which has filled the prisons and a list that becomes overwhelming when you include the wars and the national debt, we are in danger of creating a world that will be even more violent than the one we live in now.

Given that we are "still" a nation that lives through the rule of law, and we have a legistlature that determines those laws, we cannot avoid being political. Yes, you can chose not to vote, and you can chose to believe that the absence of your vote keeps you out of politics, and yet as you alluded too in your comments we vote every single day with our dollars.

It is time we look forward too the kind of world we want to create and uncover the leadership that can support that dream. There is just as much political incest in the "liberal coalitions" as in the "conservative right", yet on both sides there are moral integrious people who care about how we live and how we sustain that living and the impact it all has on the world and future generations.

Let's quite being afraid to fight for what we believe in and find leaders that can take a stand. These are the ones I will vote for in 2008, and by the way, let's not forget the elections i 2006.

Sara Byrnes

Edward Coletti said...

Yes, Sara, I totally agree that the 2006 congressional elections are critical, but I sense very little action yet in that arena. What gives! Without balancing things in congress, there is no oversight of spying, torture, ethics, etc. So let's get the word out.

Unfortunately or fortunately, living in the Bay Area, we only can influence local congressional races, and Woolsey ain't that bad.

As to 2008, the only folks I can come up with against Giuliani or whoever the GOP come up with are (in order) 1. Al Gore, 2. John Edwards, 3. Barack Obama and 4. Evan Bayh (hardly a household name). I'd like a Gore/Edwards ticket. I know that most folks are uninspired by Al, but I think that's a product of the media that tries to characterize him as charisma-challenged. But, have you ever seen him on talk shows? He's funny and very bright, and he has a good heart. He's more passionate than most.

As to a woman, so far, with Oprah and Hillary off my list, I'm very much open to recommendations.

Let's keep the dialogue going, Sara.


Not So Grumpy Duncan said...

One can't blame Sara for avoiding mainstream media, what with all the dishonest reporting, the partisan "journalism" and the race to be the first with sensation. I usually hate to admit I have a degree in journalism, even from Missouri, but I haven't worked directly in journalism for 40 years so I'm not guilty.

Further, although my "perfect candidate" post may belie it, I really hate politics and politicians. Hate is too strong a word as I don't hate anyone, but I use it to make the point. I just started voting last time around because Ed and other friends of mine said I had to. It made me feel good for awhile, to have exercised my constitutional right, to have had the freedom to vote for whom I pleased. After those ten feel-good minutes were gone, however, I was right back to the thoughts of what did that accomplish? I didn't really want to vote for any of them.

What I find most enjoyable and satifying is contemplating my awareness of existence and the eternal energy that creates and empowers all things. Once making the "discovery", it's now hard to understand why everyone can't get It.

So, now I'll make my posts to Ed's blog in the P2 section.

Sara Byrnes said...

As I said earlier, I like Al Gore, I just am afraid it will be difficult to get him elected. It seems to me that unless he can uncover votes he didn't get in the first place it could be as much of a stand-off as before. I think inorder to do that he will have to have an emotional appeal. Let's face it he probably got the votes of the "thinking" people last time. Emotional appeal is tough for Al. One on one in an interview he does do better, but for most "avergage" voters he is too much in his head, and probably frankly just too intelligent to connect with.

As for Edwards, I was not impressed with "hope is on the way". Hope is right in there with Faith and both just keep us stuck where we are and waiting for the "Coming" to change our lives, or our luck. Give
me a plan for Action, and then I can decide how to vote. Also paired up with Al just a litte too much southern country boys for me.

At the moment the politician I feel is at least asking the harder questions is Barbara Boxer. I don't actually see her as a presidential, or even a running mate, because it is still too early in the evolution of our consciousness to believe a woman can actually run this country. If a woman were elected it could very easily be a "failed presidency", due to the politics that continue, even after the election.

Barack Obama will be president if he stays on track, but probably not possible in, I know I haven't named by candidate, but at this point it will have to be someone that comes out of the woodwork. Who the heck is Evan Bayh?


Don Raboin said...

Yes, Al Gore is my choice and I also wonder why Wes Clark has not caught the ear of the American Public.

The Bush Administration has been a disaster for our great country. This president has caused chaos all throughout his life and to think he is a leader of the free world is a testimony to a frightened and uninformed public. Fortunately
we have the voting process to correct a wrong. Watch for the paper trail at the ballot box.