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Hero#3/Poet Denies First Lady/Voting?Machines

(P1) Philosophical

Can You Identify Our Great American Hero #3 ?
Number 1 was ex- Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil. Number 2 was Air America commentator Randi Rhodes. I believe today's hero will be easy, so I'll skip the hints. Please give your answer by entering a comment (by pressing the link below).

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(P2) Poetical

Poet Sharon Olds' Letter to the First Lady

Laura Bush
First Lady
The White House

Dear Mrs. Bush,

I am writing to let you know why I am not able to accept your kind invitation to give a presentation at the National Book Festival on September 24, or to attend your dinner at the Library of Congress or the breakfast at the White House.

In one way, it's a very appealing invitation. The idea of speaking at a festival attended by 85,000 people is inspiring! The possibility of finding new readers is exciting for a poet in personal terms, and in terms of the desire that poetry serve its constituents--all of us who need the pleasure, and the inner and outer news, it delivers.

And the concept of a community of readers and writers has long been dear to my heart. As a professor of creative writing in the graduate school of a major university, I have had the chance to be a part of some magnificent outreach writing workshops in which our students have become teachers. Over the years, they have taught in a variety of settings: a women's prison, several New York City public high schools, an oncology ward for children. Our initial program, at a 900-bed state hospital for the severely physically challenged, has been running now for twenty years, creating along the way lasting friendships between young MFA candidates and their students--long-term residents at the hospital who, in their humor, courage and wisdom, become our teachers.

When you have witnessed someone nonspeaking and almost nonmoving spell out, with a toe, on a big plastic alphabet chart, letter by letter, his new poem, you have experienced, close up, the passion and essentialness of writing. When you have held up a small cardboard alphabet card for a writer who is completely nonspeaking and nonmoving (except for the eyes), and pointed first to the A, then the B, then C, then D, until you get to the first letter of the first word of the first line of the poem she has been composing in her head all week, and she lifts her eyes when that letter is touched to say yes, you feel with a fresh immediacy the human drive for creation, self-expression, accuracy, honesty and wit--and the importance of writing, which celebrates the value of each person's unique story and song.

So the prospect of a festival of books seemed wonderful to me. I thought of the opportunity to talk about how to start up an outreach program. I thought of the chance to sell some books, sign some books and meet some of the citizens of Washington, DC. I thought that I could try to find a way, even as your guest, with respect, to speak about my deep feeling that we should not have invaded Iraq, and to declare my belief that the wish to invade another culture and another country--with the resultant loss of life and limb for our brave soldiers, and for the noncombatants in their home terrain--did not come out of our democracy but was instead a decision made "at the top" and forced on the people by distorted language, and by untruths. I hoped to express the fear that we have begun to live in the shadows of tyranny and religious chauvinism--the opposites of the liberty, tolerance and diversity our nation aspires to.

I tried to see my way clear to attend the festival in order to bear witness--as an American who loves her country and its principles and its writing--against this undeclared and devastating war.

But I could not face the idea of breaking bread with you. I knew that if I sat down to eat with you, it would feel to me as if I were condoning what I see to be the wild, highhanded actions of the Bush Administration.

What kept coming to the fore of my mind was that I would be taking food from the hand of the First Lady who represents the Administration that unleashed this war and that wills its continuation, even to the extent of permitting "extraordinary rendition": flying people to other countries where they will be tortured for us.

So many Americans who had felt pride in our country now feel anguish and shame, for the current regime of blood, wounds and fire. I thought of the clean linens at your table, the shining knives and the flames of the candles, and I could not stomach it.

September 2005

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(P3) Political

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

A reader of P3 sent this to me. It's scary as hell. If you have any idea how to repair or insure the voting system, please let us know by your comments below.

By the way, while not all of the links work, most of them do.

Did you know....

1. 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S.



2. There is no federal agency with regulatory authority or oversight of the
U.S. voting machine industry.



3. The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.



4. The chairman and CEO of Diebold is a major Bush campaign organizer and donor who wrote in 2003 that he was "committed to helping
Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."



5. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel used to be chairman of ES&S. He became Senator based on votes counted by ES&S machines.



6. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, long-connected with the Bush family, was recently caught lying about his ownership of ES&S by the Senate Ethics Committee.




7. Senator Chuck Hagel was on a short list of George W. Bush's vice-presidential candidates.



8. ES&S is the largest voting machine manufacturer in the
U.S. and counts almost 60% of all U.S. votes.



9. Diebold's new touch screen voting machines have no paper trail of any votes. In other words, there is no way to verify that the data coming out of the machine is the same as what was legitimately put in by voters.



10. Diebold also makes ATMs, checkout scanners, and ticket machines, all of which log each transaction and can generate a paper trail.



11. Diebold is based in


12. Diebold employed 5 convicted felons as consultants and developers to help write the central compiler computer code that counted 50% of the votes in 30 states.



13. Jeff Dean was Senior Vice-President of Global Election Systems when it was bought by Diebold. Even though he had been convicted of 23 counts of felony theft in the first degree, Jeff Dean was retained as a consultant by Diebold and was largely responsible for programming the optical scanning software now used in most of the
United States.



14. Diebold consultant Jeff Dean was convicted of planting back doors in his software and using a "high degree of sophistication" to evade detection over a period of 2 years.



15. None of the international election observers were allowed in the polls in



California banned the use of Diebold machines because the security was so bad. Despite Diebold's claims that the audit logs could not be hacked, a chimpanzee was able to do it! (See the movie here: http://blackboxvoting.org/baxter/baxterVPR.mov.)



17. 30% of all
U.S. votes are carried out on unverifiable touch screen voting machines with no paper trail.


18. All -- not some -- but all the voting machine errors detected and reported in
Florida went in favor of Bush or Republican candidates.






19. The governor of the state of
Florida, Jeb Bush, is the President's brother.



20. Serious voting anomalies in
Florida -- again always favoring Bush -- have been mathematically demonstrated and experts are recommending further investigation.







(Uitpers, nr. 69, 7de jg., november 2005)

Bron: http://www.nightweed.com/usavotefacts.html

NOTE: Please copy the above list and distribute freely!
Thank you!

Want a cheap, fair, reliable, and efficient alternative? It exists!
Check out the Swiss Voting System
at http://www.swissvs.org

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Anonymous said...

#19. What? That can't be true!

Anonymous said...


Voltron said...

umm... could it be
Max Cleland

luciabrawley said...
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luciabrawley said...

I'm going to go out and buy her books. She speaks for so many of us. I'm thrilled she had the opportunity to voice, publicly and impactfully, her (and my) opposition to the war and to the administration as a whole.

Edward Coletti said...

Hey, Lucia, you're not alone. Your comment about Sharon Olds moved me to go to Amazon, and I found these 2 reviews that echo you:

Support of Sharon Olds, October 1, 2005
Reviewer: B. Aboud "Bookcrazy" (Phoenix, AZ USA) - See all my reviews

After reading her letter to Mrs. Bush, I'm supporting Sharon Old's rejection of Laura Bush's invitation to participate in the National Book Festival and breakfast at the White House by buying one of her books. Thank you, Sharon Olds for making this brave and costly stand. I hope others will buy your books to support you and your honesty. I look forward to becoming acquainted with your poetry.

September 22, 2005
Reviewer: S. MCADOO (Austin, TX USA) - See all my reviews

I have to admit I was not familiar with the work of Sharon Olds before today. Today I read her moving letter to Laura Bush explaining why she was declining her invitation to the National Book Festival in Washington.

If her poetry is one tenth as moving, heart-felt, and true as that letter, she's gotta be one terrific poet, and I look forward to the volumes of her work I ordered from Amazon this evening. If you've not yet read her letter yet, I urge you, do so.