Monday, August 01, 2005

Poker, Feeling, and Monkey Business

(P1) Philosophical

I've recently developed a taste for Texas Holdem Poker. Psychology is very important in the game. Ever wonder if temperament and personality are acquired or bred?

(P2) Political

My new friend Larry Carlin is proving to be a boon intellectual companion. I am thankful to Larry for this opinion piece by novelist E.L Doctorow. Upon my return from Vietnam as a young Lieutenant in 1967, I was assigned to work as Survivor Assistance Officer at the Presidio of San Francisco. Each day, more likely night, I would receive notification of military remains returning to the Bay Area. After assigning someone of like or higher rank to notify the GI's next-of-kin, I would go out the next day with a driver and visit the family. I was required to discus Military Funerals and GI Insurance. I would then attend two to three funerals a week. Needless to say, the following piece resonates in me. Please press on the link for the full text.

Guest Words by E. L. Doctorow

I fault this president for not knowing what death is...

Here's the link to the full article called The Unfeeling President

(P3) Poetical

Safari Park monkey walks like human

- Jerusalem Post July 22, 2004

Monkey Business

Red assed

Pink faced

Brain injured

Israel zoo Macaque

Walks upright.

What next?

a garden?

a deluge?

a concept of sin?

ten new commandments?

a redeemer?

Brain injured

World famed

Red assed monkey

Marching beyond

The Holy Land

On its very first

World conquering tour.

(Edward Coletti 2004)

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john c said...

Hey pop.....I like that
I think you could break after "Then god doesn't want the ______to return."
Watched a show on feral children last night.....I think it's all mostly that all brain potential is limited to development tho there's always some nature in there in terms of how far along the spectrum one being can inate